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Services and Fees

Single Family Homes in S/Ds with current Sales & Listings under 4000sf $400-$500 based on time requirements  $425
Generally, Homes in Rural Areas, Lake Property or other unusual situations & homes exceeding 4500sf or acreage sites over 5 acres  $600
Multi-Family Appraisal $600 1st unit + $50 each additional unit ($500-$1000 based on time requirements and current available sales  $800
Form 2055 with 1004C Exterior or Interior inspection $330-$450 depending on time requirement & sales availability. $375
Relocation Appraisals (Standard with listings, sales & interior photos) $600-$900+ depending on time requirements.     $800

NOTE: Large Homes over 5000 square feet, rural properties, and properties in South Carolina Counties other than Richland, Lexington, Sumter, Kershaw, Newberry & Saluda will be priced fairly on a case basis on sales & listings available and estimated time required to properly complete the assignment in an accurate & professional manner being the primary factors.  This includes Appraisal Reviews and special assignments.         

This is just a small sample of the Appraisal services we can provide. We currently are members of the Columbia and the Sumter MLS services, Maintain Marshall & Swift Cost data and access to public records in all counties served.  Please contact us for further assistance or any questions you may have.  We prefer the use of out cell phones and can be reached at: Mobile Phone numbers: G.  Reynolds 803 237-3455 or Phil (803) 331-5053 & EMail